1. Physician still most important 'diagnostic imager'

    Physician still most important 'diagnostic imager'
    Atlanta—The clinician remains the most important "diagnostic imager," and the clinical exam is the foundation of ophthalmologists' decision-making related to the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, Douglas J. Rhee, MD, told those attending the Spotlight on Glaucoma session at the American Academy of Ophthalmology annual meeting. His talk was designed to serve as a counterpoint to the previous presentation highlighting the benefits of technology.
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    1. I don't think we're having a rash of acute angle-closure glaucomas that we're missing. We're catching these on gonioscopy....With regard to progression, expensive toys have not yet reduced their variability to the point where significant clinical intervention is decided on by anything other than IOP, visual field, or optic nerve
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