1. Mechanical Engineer Endoscopy Job Opening at Glannaventa

    Mechanical Engineer Endoscopy Job Opening at Glannaventa

    Glannaventa is currently seeking an enthusiastic, creative medical device engineer to design, develop and implement critical components of the next-generation GEODE™ micro-endoscope and associated delivery system as part of our quest to develop an outpatient screening test for high-grade serous ovarian cancer.

    The majority of HGSOC, the most lethal histotype of ovarian cancer, is believed to originate in the epithelia of the distal Fallopian tubal structures, and then moves to the ovary and peritoneum, becoming aggressive and metastatic. Contemporary imaging and screening techniques do not have the resolution, sensitivity or specificity to permit early detection of the disease, so it is typically only discovered at Stages 3/4 where the 5-year survival rate is around 25%. The GEODE™ endoscope is a sub-mm diameter, one-time-use device designed to navigate the complex anatomy of the Fallopian tubes and then image the distal tubal structures including the fimbriae at near-cellular-level resolution with both structural (OCT) and functional (fluorescence) imaging. The engineer will participate in, and is expected to heavily influence the research phase of the GEODE™ system, and will focus on generating and assessing solutions to a singularly complex clinical problem. The engineer will champion new concepts, and participate in clinically relevant assessments of the technology in collaboration with our colleagues at the University of Arizona and New York Presbyterian Queens Hospital.


    • Design and develop intricate endoscope-tip actuation assemblies and novel delivery systems to guide the GEODE™ micro-endoscope through tortuous anatomy to the target.
    • Work closely with, guide, and manage (remote) subcontractors and consultants developing critical sub-assemblies for the project, including working with budgets, bills-of-materials, schedules and timelines (MS Project), evaluation and testing of contractor output, suggestions for design changes and improvements, etc.
    • Work closely with Optical Engineering to ensure that the actuation and delivery mechanisms permit rapid, seamless high-quality imaging while minimizing trauma to the sensitive tissues of the endosalpinx.
    • Produce engineering drawings and working documentation of designs, and instruction manuals for collaborating medical personnel who may independently operate the devices.
    • Participate in the development of intellectual property and patent applications, including documentation of inventions for patent applications; reviews of the prior art, and development of alternative technologies.
    • On-site interaction with physicians and end-users in order to verify and validate assumptions will be encouraged (!).


    • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (or Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in mechanical / electro-mechanical device development).
    • 3+ years medical device design and development experience.
    • Experience developing and testing small intricate mechanical / electro-mechanical actuation mechanisms suitable for endoscope tip implementation.
    • 3+ years’ experience with prototyping catheters, balloons and flexible endoscopes, especially in robotic surgery or manually steered devices (pull-wires, etc.).
    • Experience in catheter / endoscope materials (polymers, metals, ceramics) selection and testing.
    • 3+ years’ experience at a high level of proficiency with Solidworks™.
    • Previous experience with designing for machining, sheet metal, injection molding, polymer extrusions, EDM, laser cutting, rapid prototyping, and cable assemblies desirable.
    • Experience working with consultants, outside partners, contract manufacturer and suppliers desirable.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability to communicate clearly to others in different functions and at various levels.
    • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills.
    • Ability to multi-task, organize, and prioritize work.

    Candidate must be authorized to work in the U.S. The Company will not initiate, pursue or support visa sponsorship for this position.

    We are an EEO/AA employer.

    This opportunity is initially for 9 months, and based in either the Northern Kitsap Peninsula (WA) or in the Redwood City – mid-San Francisco Peninsula (CA) area. We will consider exceptional candidates in other locations (e.g., Tucson (AZ)) for remote work if they have ready access to “Maker” prototyping facilities (3D printing, machine shops, small machine tools, light electronics, etc.)

    Travel – The devices will be tested with our collaborators at the University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ) and New York Presbyterian Queens – Weil Cornell Medical Center. Travel to these sites to watch the devices in action in 2022, and work with physicians and researchers to improve the devices is highly encouraged but not required.

    Job Type: Full-time. (>>50% part time is negotiable under specific circumstances)

    About Glannaventa

    “Let’s make history and save lives!!!”

    Glannaventa, Inc., is an early-stage medical device company based in Puget Sound and engaged in the development of an outpatient / point-of-care endoscopic screening test for a silent killer of women – ovarian cancer. The principals at Glannaventa have an exceptional track record in the development of lasers, optics, biophotonics, and image-guided surgery, including realizing the first real-time, OCT-guided therapeutic surgical procedure in humans and the development of a revolutionary new treatment for cutaneous vascular lesions. You can see more here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMAfs6sOJ1c

    Contact: John Black – jblack@glannaventa.com

    John Black | LinkedIn

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