1. Wasatch Photonics announces the appointment of Neil Anderson as Vice President, Gratings and OCT

    Wasatch Photonics announces the appointment of Neil Anderson as Vice President, Gratings and OCT

    Wasatch Photonics is pleased to announce and welcome Neil Anderson, Ph.D. as the new Vice President of Gratings and OCT. In this role, Neil will be responsible for commercial leadership and growth of the company’s transmission gratings and optical coherence tomography business, working with the teams in Logan, UT, and Morrisville, NC, to develop innovative product solutions matched to current and emerging market needs in laser pulse compression, optical coherence tomography (OCT), astronomy, and photonics.

    Neil is a well-known and respected figure in the optics and photonics industry and brings 15 years of experience supporting customers with optical component and subsystem product technologies across the analytical instrumentation, industrial (laser and process), semiconductor, life science, medical, and scientific research markets. In addition, Neil has a proven record of building collaborative partnerships through long-term relationships with customers, partners, and industry key opinion leaders. His deep photonics technology background and expertise in spectroscopy, application knowledge, and ability to understand and focus on what customers need will complement and enhance Wasatch Photonics’ reputation as a leader in VPH gratings and OCT spectrometers. 

    As an independently owned and innovation-driven company, it’s absolutely crucial to serve our customers with a team that understands their needs and who can drive our shared growth through every aspect of the business,” says CEO Dr. David Creasey. “Neil’s technical knowledge, business acumen, and strong industry network allow us to offer more value as a partner.” 

    About Wasatch Photonics

    Founded in 2002, Wasatch Photonics designs, manufactures and markets high efficiency volume phase holographic (VPH) transmission gratings for pulse compression, astronomy, spectral imaging, and optical coherence tomography (OCT), as well as spectrometers for OCT, Raman, and UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy. Our high-performance gratings, spectrometers, and systems are used in research labs around the world. We also work extensively with OEM partners spanning a diverse range of industries, including defense and security, industrial lasers and materials processing, sensing, analytical instrumentation, medical, and energy markets. To learn more about us, please visit www.wasatchphotonics.com

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