1. Anterior Ocular Biometry Using 3-Dimensional Optical Coherence Tomography

    Purpose: To evaluate anterior ocular biometry by comparing the measurements of central corneal thickness (CCT) and anterior chamber depth (ACD) with 3-dimensional corneal and anterior segment optical coherence tomography (CAS-OCT) and other methods. Design: Cross-sectional study.Participants: Forty eyes of 40 normal subjects.Methods: The CCT was measured by 4 methods (CAS-OCT, Scheimpflug camera, scanning-slit topography, and ultrasonic pachymetry), and the ACD was measured by 3 methods (CAS-OCT, Scheimpflug camera, and scanning-slit topography). The anterior chamber volume (ACV) was calculated with CAS-OCT. Repeatability and reproducibility of CAS-OCT measurements were evaluated.Main Outcome Measurements: The CCT and ACD were measured and ...
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