1. In vivo dynamic 3D imaging of oocytes and embryos in the mouse oviduct

    In vivo dynamic 3D imaging of oocytes and embryos in the mouse oviduct

    Developmental biologists have always relied on imaging to shed light on dynamic cellular events. However, processes such as mammalian fertilization and embryogenesis are generally inaccessible for direct imaging. In consequence, how the oviduct (fallopian tube) facilitates the transport of gametes and preimplantation embryos continues to be unanswered. Here we present a combination of intravital window and optical coherence tomography for dynamic, volumetric, in vivo imaging of oocytes and embryos as they are transported through the mouse oviduct. We observed location-dependent circling, oscillating, and long-distance bi-directional movements of oocytes and embryos that suggest regulatory mechanisms driving transport and question established views ...

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