1. Balanced-detection visible-light optical coherence tomography

    Balanced-detection visible-light optical coherence tomography

    Increases in speed and sensitivity enabled rapid clinical adoption of optical coherence tomography (OCT) in ophthalmology. Recently visible-light OCT (vis-OCT) achieved ultrahigh axial resolution, improved tissue contrast, and new functional imaging capabilities, demonstrating the potential to improve clincal care further. However, limited speed and sensitivity caused by the high relative intensity noise (RIN) in supercontinuum lasers impeded the clinical adoption of vis-OCT. To overcome these limitations, we developed balanced-detection vis-OCT (BD-vis-OCT), which uses two calibrated spectrometers to cancel noises common to sample and reference arms, including RIN. We analyzed the RIN to achieve a robust pixel-to-pixel calibration between the two ...

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