1. Postdoctoral opening in retinal image analysis and classification at the University of Illinois at Chicago

    Postdoctoral opening in retinal image analysis and classification at the University of Illinois at Chicago

    Description: A postdoctoral position is available in the Biomedical Optics and Functional Imaging Laboratory with Dr. Xincheng Yao at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Yao’s Biomedical Optics and Functional Imaging Laboratory is housed in the Lions of Illinois Eye Research Institute (LIERI), within the same building with UIC Retina Clinic. In collaboration with experienced ophthalmologists and vision scientists, our lab is focusing on new development of ophthalmic imaging technology to advance retinal study, disease diagnosis and treatment evaluation. Our current research includes ultra-wide field fundus photography, functional optical coherence tomography (OCT), super-resolution ophthalmoscopy, machine learning based retinal image analysis and AI classification of eye diseases.

    Duties: The postdoctoral fellow will be responsible for quantitative analysis of OCT and OCT angiography, and machine learning based eye disease classification. This position will be supported by a NIH project entitled differential artery-vein analysis in OCT angiography for objective classification of diabetic retinopathy. The selected candidate will have excellent opportunities to interact with researchers in Engineering, Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences for multidisciplinary training 

    Qualifications: The successful candidate should have a Ph.D. degree in Computer Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Optical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics or a related discipline. Experience with retinal imaging and computing analysis is expected.

    Application: Interested applicants should send a CV with research interests and names of three references to Dr. Xincheng Yao via email xcy@uic.edu.

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