1. Postdoctoral Research Fellow position at Legacy Devers Eye Institute – Discoveries in Sight

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow position at Legacy Devers Eye Institute – Discoveries in Sight

    A Postdoctoral Research Fellow position is available at Legacy Devers Eye Institute, Portland, Oregon. The successful candidate will be responsible for planning and carrying out independent research under the supervision of Dr. Kazuhiro Kurokawa and collaborating with Discoveries in Sight Scientists. Research involves developing a versatile, high-resolution, in vivo retinal imaging system capable of cellular-scale imaging at any depth in the retina and detecting various metrics even at a nanometer scale. Advances in imaging technology allow us to study key hypotheses that require accurate and precise measurements. For further detail, please contact me directly.

    Keywords: AO-OCT, polarization contrast, angiography, cellular dynamics, biomechanics, and directionality


    The Postdoctoral Research Fellow must have a strong optical background in the fields of geometrical optics, optical imaging theory, fiber optics, and biomedical optics. Since the study involves hardware design, development, and delicate implementation, the Postdoctoral Research Fellow is expected to have an excellent ability to design optical system and to pay close attention to the details and their environment. Also, it is critical to have good communication skills to achieve the research objective in the most direct and efficient way. While the clinical background is not needed, the ideal candidate will be self-motivated and eager to learn basic, translational, and clinical research as well as new imaging technologies.

    Legacy Devers Eye Institute – Discoveries in Sight:

    Discoveries in Sight is a private, nonprofit research institute — one of only a handful in the United States that is focused on the visual system. Visiting clinicians, scientists, medical students, and post-doctoral fellows come from around the world (including England, France, Belgium, Brazil, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, China, Germany, Nepal and South Africa) in order to draw on our research expertise. Our goal is to expedite development of new technologies and treatments to prevent, detect and treat blinding eye disease through programs that include:

    • Basic Research: Combining novel research programs in ocular anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology to discover their roles in ocular and central visual system disease.
    • Clinical Research: Initiating and conducting clinical trials to test new diagnostic instruments and therapies.
    • Clinical Epidemiology: Prevalence of eye disease in populations
    • Technology Development: Working with industry to accelerate the development of new technologies and pharmaceuticals.

    Contact information:

    All interested candidates are encouraged to email Dr. Kazuhiro Kurokawa (kkurokawa@deverseye.org). To apply, please visit our website.

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