1. Anterior Segment-Optical Coherence Tomography Features In Blau Syndrome

    Anterior Segment-Optical Coherence Tomography Features In Blau Syndrome

    Blau syndrome (BS) is a rare granulomatous auto-inflammatory disease, characterized by the classic clinical triad of joints, skin and ocular involvements. Ocular manifestation usually consists in a bilateral insidious chronic anterior uveitis with a potential evolution to panuveitis. We describe the case of two siblings, an 8-years old female and a 5-years old male, with a diagnosis of BS, evaluated by Anterior Segment-Optical Coherence Tomography (AS-OCT). In the female patient, slit-lamp examination revealed bilateral anterior granulomatous uveitis and inflammatory sequelae. AS-OCT revealed high intensity reflective layers in the anterior cornea, hyperreflective dots both in the aqueous humor and in the ...

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