1. Intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography - Normals

    Intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography - Normals

    Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an established technology for ophthalmic diagnosis which can perform noncontact, noninvasive, real time, cross-sectional imaging of the retina and anterior eye. OCT has displaced ophthalmoscopy and stereo-photography as the gold-standard for clinical assessment and documentation of retinal microanatomy including thickness, cystoid structures, subretinal fluid and retinal traction. Despite these benefits, new technologies can still benefit patients including increasing the resolution, imaging speed, and contrast of OCT technologies. Since 2013, Dr. Tao's group has worked to develop and translate new ophthalmic imaging technologies. The goal of this proposal is to develop novel OCT technology for ...

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