1. Evaluation of microleakage in class-II bulk-fill composite restorations

    Evaluation of microleakage in class-II bulk-fill composite restorations

    Background/purpose Despite the clinical appeal of restoring deep class II cavities in single increment using bulk-fill resin composite, sealing of bulk-filled composite restorations is a concern. This study evaluated interfacial adaptation of bulk-fill composite restoration to axial wall and gingival floor of class II cavities using cross-polarization optical coherence tomography (CP-OCT). Materials and methods Box-shaped class II cavities were prepared in extracted molars and divided into three groups ( n = 7) according to adhesive used; Clearfil SE Bond 2 (SE2), Tetric-N Bond Self-Etch (TSE) or Tetric-N Bond Universal (TNU). All adhesives were applied in self-etch mode and according to manufacturers ...

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