1. Soliton microcomb based spectral domain optical coherence tomography

    Soliton microcomb based spectral domain optical coherence tomography

    Spectral domain optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a widely employed, minimally invasive bio-medical imaging technique, which requires a broadband light source, typically implemented by super-luminescent diodes. Recent advances in soliton based photonic integrated frequency combs (soliton microcombs) have enabled the development of low-noise, broadband chipscale frequency comb sources, whose potential for OCT imaging has not yet been unexplored. Here, we explore the use of dissipative Kerr soliton microcombs in spectral domain OCT and show that, by using photonic chipscale Si 3 N 4 resonators in conjunction with 1300 nm pump lasers, spectral bandwidths exceeding those of commercial OCT sources are ...

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