1. Health collaborations forged at CIIE begin to bear fruit

    Health collaborations forged at CIIE begin to bear fruit

    Two months after the third China International Import Expo ended in Shanghai, some exhibitors from the healthcare sector have disclosed that collaborations forged during the event have now materialized in the form of new drugs, innovative systems and technologies benefiting patients and the general public. It transpires that several agreements were clinched between pharmaceutical multinationals and local healthcare authorities, institutions, schools and enterprises during the third CIIE. Their partnerships' objective is to exploit inherent advantages and synergies in order to make the healthcare ecosystem in the country more innovative. Executives of US-headquartered Boston Scientific said they had forged a strategic ...

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    1. For Boston Scientific, an important impetus of continuous growth in the China market is to collaborate with local partners to satisfy more local patients' unmet needs through diversified innovative channels.
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