1. In Vivo Human Corneal Shear-wave Optical Coherence Elastography

    In Vivo Human Corneal Shear-wave Optical Coherence Elastography

    SIGNIFICANCE A novel imaging technology, dynamic optical coherence elastography (OCE), was adapted for clinical noninvasive measurements of corneal biomechanics. PURPOSE Determining corneal biomechanical properties is a long-standing challenge. Elasticity imaging methods have recently been developed and applied for clinical evaluation of soft tissues in cancer detection, atherosclerotic plaque evaluation, surgical guidance, and more. Here, we describe the use of dynamic OCE to characterize mechanical wave propagation in the human cornea in vivo , thus providing a method for clinical determination of corneal biomechanical properties. METHODS High-resolution phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography imaging was combined with microliter air-pulse tissue stimulation to perform dynamic ...

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