1. Biophotonics Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Polish Academy of Science

    Biophotonics Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Polish Academy of Science

    The International Centre for Translational Eye Research (ICTER) is a multi-investigator centre for eye research related to imaging and biochemical techniques to support advances in understanding the aetiology and treatment and human blinding diseases. It is part of the Polish Academy of Science, located in Warsaw. Further information on the research priorities and current expertise of our Centre can be found at http://www.icter.pl.

    Within ICTER, the IR. Laboratory, led by Dr Curatolo, seeks to develop a novel platform for intraoperative ophthalmic image guidance of robotic-aided treatments to fulfill unmet surgical needs in minimally invasive surgery on the eye (anterior and posterior pole) and subretinal delivery of novel gene and cell therapies. On the other hand, IR. seeks to build the first platform for optoretinography in small animals to enable sight-restoring (pharmacological) treatment efficacy monitoring on an unprecedented level. For more information on the projects, please mail Dr Curatolo at andrea.curatolo@ichf.edu.pl

    The IR. Laboratory seeks a Biophotonics postdoctoral researcher with extensive experience in optical system design and translational bench-to-bedside biomedical instrumentation development, preferably in advanced optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems and applications in ophthalmology. In addition, practical skills in software prototyping and data/image processing and analysis algorithm development using LabView, MATLAB, Python are required. Prior experience in real-time systems, automatic control, mechatronics and robotics is a plus.

    The Postdoctoral Fellow will have a direct impact on lab development and its success by building novel surgical ophthalmic microscope-integrated closed-loop OCT system and tools and aiding the design and development of a Full-field Fourier-domain OCT platform for live small animal retinal imaging.

    The Postdoctoral Fellow will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team of experts in optics, imaging, instrumentation and software engineering, and collaborators in biochemistry of vision, ophthalmology, and surgery. The postdoctoral researcher is expected to engage in the appropriate range of academic activities, including among others: project planning, management and carrying out research, publication in high impact factor science and technology journals and conference attendance, active collaboration, contribution to grant proposals, PhD and other student supervision, and intellectual property protection, commercialisation and outreach activities, as appropriate.

    The program will leverage on outstanding existing resources at the Polish Academy of Sciences and University College London led by the advisory group that include top leaders in European vision research.

    More details on Key Responsibilities, Selection Criteria and the Application Procedure can be found at: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/587382

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