1. Image Projection Network: 3D to 2D Image Segmentation in OCTA Images

    Image Projection Network: 3D to 2D Image Segmentation in OCTA Images

    We present an image projection network (IPN), which is a novel end-to-end architecture and can achieve 3D-to-2D image segmentation in optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) images. Our key insight is to build a projection learning module (PLM) which uses a unidirectional pooling layer to conduct effective features selection and dimension reduction concurrently. By combining multiple PLMs, the proposed network can input 3D OCTA data, and output 2D segmentation results such as retinal vessel segmentation. It provides a new idea for the quantification of retinal indicators: without retinal layer segmentation and without projection maps. We tested the performance of our network ...

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