1. Swept-source OCT findings in shaken baby syndrome: case report

    Swept-source OCT findings in shaken baby syndrome: case report

    Background Our purpose was to document the swept source optical coherence tomography (SSOCT) findings in a patient with Shaken baby syndrome (SBS). Case presentation SSOCT was obtained without sedation in a six-month-old girl with bilateral multilayered retinal hemorrhages due to SBS. It documented vitreoretinal interface abnormalities, including internal limiting membrane (ILM) detachment with retinal traction, in association with other specific changes in the inner and outer retinal layers. Six weeks later, retinal hemorrhages had substantially resolved, and there was optic disc pallor. OCT showed ILM reattachment with release of retinal traction and the development of severe diffuse retinal atrophy involving ...

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