1. Bioplus Interphex Korea: Novartis optimistic about future with AI

    Bioplus Interphex Korea: Novartis optimistic about future with AI

    Novartis AG was cited during the recent 2020 KoNECT-MOHW-MFDS International Conference as an example of a biopharma firm staying ahead of the artificial intelligence (AI) curve. During this week’s 2020 Bioplus Interphex Korea conference, Won Kim, head of innovation at Novartis Korea, described some of the firm’s latest forays into AI, including negotiations with potential partners to develop an AI image analysis solution for retinal diseases. Kim said the solution will involve using optical coherence tomography (OCT) or otoendoscopic readings and that Novartis Korea is currently discussing how to format the collaboration. The ophthalmology deal is one of ...

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