1. Evaluation of Posterior Pole with Echography and Optical Coherence Tomography in Patients with Behçet's Disease

    Background: In Behçet's disease posterior segment involvement is very frequent (about 80%). Macular edema is the most commonly observed complication and is related to reduction of visual acuity. The purpose of the study was to evaluate choroidal involvement during posterior vasculitis due to Behçet's disease. Methods: Thirty eyes (15 patients) presenting with posterior vasculitis due to Behçet's disease were studied. All patients had been evaluated with optical coherence tomography (Stratus OCT, Zeiss) to evaluate the retinal thickness (RT) and with standardized 8-MHz A scan echography to determine the retinochoroidal thickness (RCT). Echographic evaluation with 10- and 20-MHz ...
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