1. HP-OCT™ wins Victorian AEEA award – nominated for Sir William Hudson award

    HP-OCT™ wins Victorian AEEA award – nominated for Sir William Hudson award

    Cylite Pty Ltd, a developer and manufacturer of 4th Generation OCT systems for Ophthalmology and Optometry, is thrilled to announce it has won the Australian Engineering Excellence Award Victoria.

    The Australian Engineering Excellent Awards first began in 1988, after a decade of celebrating local projects through an Engineers Australia office. Brought to the national stage, an excellence award recognises outstanding achievement in engineering and the invaluable contribution that engineering makes to the economy, community and environment.  Winning projects exhibit excellence, distinction, merit, perfection and quality.

    Kylee Hall, Cylite’s VP Sales and Marketing Manager commented, ”It is such an honour and credit to the whole team at Cylite to be named as one of the four Victorian winners, but to then be awarded the overall win and be representing Victoria in November for the Sir William Hudson award, the highest honour a project can receive from Engineers Australia, was unexpected and overwhelming.” 

    Of the 18 Victorian finalists, there were several multibillion-dollar architectural building developments, numerous significant infrastructure projects and even a worlds first multifunctional solar chimney.   https://aeea2020.events.corrivium.live/player/vic

    “This is a wonderful endorsement of the hugely talented team that are delivering this exciting product. The combination of a unique approach to 3D ophthalmic imaging and diagnostics, with well-executed design and outstanding multi-disciplinary engineering, have delivered a product that we trust will prove worthy of this accolade over the years to come. We are greatly appreciative also of our partner Cobalt Design, for providing the highly functional and eye-catching industrial design to support this product into a clinical setting." said Steve Frisken, Cylite’s CEO.


    Founded in 2013, Cylite Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company who are developing the next generation of diagnostic OCT systems for Ophthalmology and Optometry.  Cylite’s Hyperparallel OCT (HP-OCT) system has been engineered to give industry-leading A-scan speeds, capturing volume data to provide accurate analytics for corneal and refractive specialists. This 4th generation OCT platform overcomes the eye-motion limitations of previous generations of OCT.

    Our vision is to provide whole eye diagnostics, superior imaging quality, and accurate analytics to enable clinicians to make more informed decisions for better patient outcomes.

    For more information, visit www.cyliteoptics.com 

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